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Who are the Photofrenetic Photographers?

The question should be "Who is the Photofrenetic Photographer?", as there is only one. This is a one man dot com site and the owner is Mike Crawley FRPS. He is totally obsessed with light and the photographic consequences of its presence or absence (hence the name of this site). Creating images takes up most of his thoughts and all of his spare time. Although his passion is the photography of the gentler sex he also enjoys many other forms of photography, especially travel, landscape and natural history subjects.

Mike on his
Imaging Workstation
at 3:00am!

What is a Photofrenetic?

photo ---- pho+to n., pl. +tos. Informal short for photography
photo- ---- Combining form 1. of, relating to, or produced by light (e.g., photosynthesis). 2. Indicating a photographic process (e.g., photolithography) [from the Greek phos, phot, light]

frenetic ---- fre+net+ic adj. Distracted or frantic; frenzied; mad; delerious; [C14 : via Old French frenetique; from Latin phreneticus; from Greek phrenetikos; from phrenitis - insanity ; from phren - mind and heart]
frenetic ---- n. Fanatic, madman, obsessed person.

photofrenetic ---- pho+to+fre+net+ic n., Person obsessed by photography (not yet a real word - but who knows!)

Oh! He also likes beautiful women too of course!

Mike's winning images
of Justine King in PIC.


Photography was always in the blood but it started to become an obsession with Mike in 1988 when he decided to take a photography module at his local college evening classes. The course was creative image making (posterisation, bas-relief and other techniques of this sort). He enjoyed this immensely and went on to complete and pass all the modules in the City & Guilds 9231 Photography course. Mike says "The module which took me by storm was the portraiture module. I loved it and haven't looked back since". Since then he has gained a Licentiateship (LRPS) and a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS). He has been the President of the Kodak Photographic Society in Harrow and has competed in many of the local, National and International Salons and Exhibitions. He has also won several gold and silver medals and commendations in local salons and regularly had work exhibited in the Austrian Supercircuit (now called TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT), winning FIAP medals in 2001, 2002 and 2003. Mike also has numerous publications in his name and in 1992 was awarded the title of PIC Glamour Photographer of the Year 1992 by the now extinct photography magazine "People in Camera".

Since this site was opened in 2000 Mike has fulfilled one of his major ambitions which is the publication of a book on his photography called Photographing the Nude, published by David and Charles in 2002. He has also been published worldwide in many magazines, books and newspapers, including the ground breaking tomes "The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography" and "The Mammoth Book of Erotic Women". In more recent times he has concentrated on independant publication of his photographic work and has to date (2016) published 39 art photography books and 7 travel books. However, if there are publishers out there looking for new clients or collaborations ....... then click here.
You can also contact Mike by e-mail at or by telephone on +44(0)1923-670650

Mike's first Book

What is the Purpose of the Photofrenetic Site?

There are several reasons why this site has been constructed. Primarily it is a platform for Mike to share and show his work to the world through the GALLERY pages. The second, but no less important reason, is to build a tribute to all the beautiful girls that he has worked with over the years. This is the PORTFOLIO section of the site, and is designed to show Mike's photography and help the models (where they are still working) obtain more modelling assignments. Last, but not least, Mike hopes to fund his passion by offering some of his work for sale through the GALLERIES, PORTFOLIOS, IMAGE OF THE MONTH ARCHIVES and PURCHASING pages. Thank you for visiting - happy browsing!

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