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Art Works

It can be very flattering when an artist likes your work so much that they want to paint that image or use it as a basis for a painting. This page shows some of the art works that have been created by artists using my photographic images as a basis for their art work. I have shown the original images and the paintings created from them with a link to the artist where possible.

An image of Jenni JJ (left) has been used by American artist Van Evan Fuller to create the image (right).

Jenni JJ Van Evan Fuller

A derivative of the previous image as also been created by American artist Van Evan Fuller

Jenni JJ Van Evan Fuller

A photographic image of Rosaleen (left) has been used by Karen Middleton to paint this image (right).

Rosaleen Karen Middleton

An image of Mimi (left) has been used by Lucy Beveridge to paint the image entitled "Titania" (right).

Mimi Lucy Beveridge

Two images of some Langur Monkeys (left) have been used by Sally Ivey to paint the Indian scene (right).

Mimi Mimi Sally Ivey

All the images on this page are the exclusive property of and the artist concerned and are not to be reproduced in any form without permission.
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